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CD Projekt Red Announce The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Festive Modding Contest

If you are a talented modder CD Projekt Red may have just revealed a holiday contest that you will be interested in. With the coming of winter, Geralt and the other characters need some warm clothing, and they are looking to you to provide it.

Announced on The Witcher site CD Projekt Red revealed that they are teaming up with NexusMods for the competition:

“Basically all you have to do is create an outfit or holiday element for any one of the characters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! It can be an epic armor for Geralt, a christmas hat for Johnny, or candy canes for Nekkers! Once you have your mod ready, just upload it to Nexus Mods with “Witcher Mod Contest” tag, available under the “file admin”, and contact us via the contact form below. Please include the link to your Mod — submissions without a link will be invalid.”

The price for the winner will be a one-of-a-kind custom made Witcher sword. It was noted though that there may be restrictions in your country regarding the sending of sharp objects like a sword, so you may have to check up on that.


The contest starts today (December 9) and will close January 5, 2016 4PM CEST. The competition is global so any gamers can enter, but you do have to be over 18. To enter visit the website here.

So go get modding some winter clothing, or winter themed object for The Witcher 3, and see if you can win.

Are you going to enter the competition? Let us know your thoughts below.