Battlefield 4 Goes Festive with CTE Snowball Fights

Now we are getting closer to Christmas games are starting to offer some festive surprises. Battlefield 4 is bringing a few surprises into the CTE test environment.

With its more flexible handling of content in the test environment DICE are able to bring more fun to the game. In a new video from Westie which you can see above, he reveals that there is a Winter Wonderland waiting for people who have access.

In the video he reveals that this is something that had been in the CTE test environment last year, so some players will remember it. What is new though are the exploding snowballs that have been introduced to add the ability to have snowball fights in the game. These snowballs can be equipped in the load out screens, and will be an item available to all players.

As well as the ability to have snowball fights players can also dress as Santa, elves, Snowmen, and even reindeer and can use snowmobiles to add to their mobility. The video shows this in action, showing some of the chaotic snowball fights that people are taking part in.

To add to the festive feel of the environment the map features constant falling snow as well as festive decorations around the map. While Christmas is meant to be about goodwill to all men, I’m sure we can forget that for a while in Battlefield 4.

If you have access to the CTE test environment it looks like Winter Wonderland is well worth checking out. Just be sure to equip your snowballs before entering the battle.

Will you be visiting the Winter Wonderland? Let us know your thoughts below.