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The Immortals eSports Franchise Reveal their League of Legends Team

With the League of Legends eSports teams preparing for the 2016 seasons changes are coming. One of these changes is the creation of the Immortals and their new League of Legends Team.

The formation of the Immortals eSports Franchise was announced yesterday as was the rebranding of the Team 8 eSports team. CEO Noah Whinston revealed:

“Immortals is starting with a League of Legends team, but expect to see us expanding rapidly into other top eSports like Counter Strike and DOTA 2. We recognize that the best way to grow the Immortals franchise is to work in conjunction with other team owners across every title to help the entire eSports ecosystem expand in a healthy way. We look forward to industry-wide conversations about sustainable business practices, competitive regulation, and player treatment and representation.”

Today they went on to reveal the members of the “Immortals” team:

  • Huni – Seung-Hoon Heo Sole, South Korea. A 2015 Worlds semifinalist with Fnatic with an aggressive style of play.
  • Reignover – Yue-Jin Seoul, South Korea. A 2015 Worlds semifinalist from Fnatic known for level-headed shotcalling.
  • Pobelter – Euguene Park, Garden Grove, California. A mid laner who is said to excel in adapting his play to fit the needs of his team.
  • WildTurtle – Jason Tran, Toronto, California. An LCS veteran, combines years of competitive experience with upbeat personality.
  • Adrian – Adrian Ma, Houston, Texas. A relative newcomer to competitive League of Legends, but has top-tier vision control.

As you can tell from the comment above, the Immortals are looking to branch out into more eSports, not only League of Legends so I’m sure we’ll be hearing even more from the franchise soon.

What are your thoughts on the Immortals? Are they a team worth watching for 2016? Let us know your thoughts below.