The HoloLens is Not a Gaming-First Device Reveals Major Nelson

With all the news we’ve been given about Virtual Reality and what to expect from it in 2016 it’s easy to forget about Microsoft’s HoloLens. With a lot of expectation around gaming and how it could be put to use, the real focus for Microsoft appears to be elsewhere for the device right now.

When watching presentations on the Hololens, while we may have seen it running some games such as Minecraft it is easy to see that there are many other technological uses for the new device. This has been confirmed by comments made by Major Nelson to Geekwire:

“HoloLens is not going to be a gaming-first device, that’s not what they designed it for. Eventually we will and I’ve played some amazing games on it, but right now [the HoloLens team] is focused on shipping a great product and making sure it’s going to hit all of the right notes,”

While there will obviously be potential for the device to be used for games, the HoloLens has huge potential in many innovative ways, just as Virtual Reality does. While Virtual Reality has many ways that it can influence gaming right now, it may be best for Microsoft to focus on getting the technology right and making it a product that not only has gaming potential but in many other sectors of the technological world.

It will be interesting to see what game uses Microsoft will have for Hololens, but they obviously have no plans to rush it out to compete with Virtual Reality. What it is though is a glimpse into what we could be using in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Hololens? Should Microsoft focus on its gaming potential more? Let us know your opinion below.