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Tencent Looking to Expand its Mobile Business, Western Market Domination Planned

Chinese mobile giant Tencent is looking to expand its reach into the western market, as per the report from Wall Street Journal.

In case you just woke up from a coma, Tencent is China’s leading mobile, media, and Internet service provider. The company is as big as it gets in the mobile business. Now, it is looking to dominate the western market, starting with the U.S of A and various European markets.

Keeping in mind its previous track record, Tencent may very well dominate the United States and Europe. To start things off, the company will bring some made-in-China games to the west. Tencent is collaborating with Glu Mobile Inc (San Francisco-based mobile-games publisher).

One of first games to arrive in the west is “WeFire,” however, the title isn’t going to be released until developers make it more appealing for the western market.

Tencent’s plans to hit the western market are still at early stages, and they will need a well thought out roadmap before targeting such a different audience.

Success will be hard to get and it strongly depends on how they reskin Chinese games for the western market. Tencent is not only thinking to expand mobile business outside of China, but the company is considering the arrival to WeChat Pay outside the region as well.

According to a recent report, worldwide mobile business is expected to generate $30.1 billion in 2015. China, US and Germany are the among the top five countries generating billions of dollars from the mobile gaming market, so it make perfect sense of Tencent to expand.

Competition in the Chinese market is intense and if Tencent can be dominant in such a hostile market, we can expect big things from it in the west as well.

Source: WSJ