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Street Fighter 5 HOT Package Cover Art is Surely Hot

Capcom revealed the Street Fighter 5 HOT Package edition some time ago alongside a number of other special editions that are going to be released in Japan and elsewhere. Now, they have shared with us the official cover art for the PS4 version of the HOT Package, and it is nothing short of what the name implies.

On the fact of it, you are able to see a bearded, more manly Ryu accompanied by a sexy, hot Chun-Li with her cleavage showing even from a side pose – among a number of other things.

The cover art in question is for the Japanese version of the Street Fighter 5 HOT Package though.

What makes this cover art even more interesting are the alternate costumes that these characters are going to get with it. The costume worn by Ryu and Chun-Li on the cover is not their normal attire.

It has further been revealed that the box art was designed by Capcom’s character designer Kiki himself.

Although some of the fans might want to go with the standard cover when they purchase the much awaited fighting title for its classy (sort of) two toned look, this one steals more hearts.

Street Fighter 5 HOT Package

That being said, Capcom is going to release the Street Fighter 5 HOT Package alongside a number of other editions including theStreet Fighter 5 Volcanic Edition and the Street Fighter 5 Valuable Edition which are going to cost US$149.99 and US$139.99 respectively.

The HOT Package edition costs US$78.99 because it has lesser content than the two aforementioned special editions. Talking of, the HOT Package edition is going to get you the base game for the PlayStation 4, the Ryu & Chun-Li Battle Costume DLC, in-game Dollars 1000 Zenny DLC, and something called the Hot! Package Limited Title DLC.

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