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Quantum Break Collector’s Edition in Unlikely; Remedy Discusses Game

Quantum Break undoubtedly turned a number of heads with its time-bending elements that are going to be at the core of the gameplay. It is also something that the developers, Remedy Entertainment have used extensively while promoting and marketing the game.

The head of public relations at Remedy, Thomas Puha, though has been promoting something else this time. He was inquired through his Twitter whether the game will have an Alan Wake styled background score. In his response he chose the words “different” and “modern” to define it, “I really like the modern score,” he said.

However, he did add that it depends on personal choices of the listeners in the end:

I think everybody decides themselves what they like and don’t like, but the score is very, very different. I really like it.

Moving on, Puha is not really confident about a Quantum Break Collector’s Edition, saying that it was Microsoft who decided not to work on it. While answering another fan question he said that it was “very unlikely. Again, this is a publisher decision, not Remedy’s. Let’s see, no promises.”

When someone pitched in by saying that it was weird since Microsoft’s titles usually have cool Collector’s Editions, he responded that “they do but they are also sequels to established franchises.”

Only a couple of days ago Remedy Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for the game with one intention i.e hyping up thing even further, and in the opinion of many, they pretty much succeeded.

For those who might not know about Quantum Break, the game is an action adventure third person shooter that is being published by Microsoft itself. The game is going to be an Xbox One exclusive that will release on April 5, 2016.

We will be updating you more on the game in the future, so keep checking back with us.