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PSN Holiday Sale 2015 has GOW3, Journey, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

Good news folks, we have information on the upcoming PSN Holiday Sale 2015 a little before Sony Computer Entertainment details it officially. It looks like you are going to be able to get your hands on titles like Journey, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure and God of War 3!

These details have been confirmed through the official PlayStation Store for the North American region where they have put up a banner for it. The banner should lead to the the page where the sale is live, but since there is some time in that, it doesn’t do anything other than just letting you know of the highlights.

The PSN Holiday Sale 2015 comes at the heels of a number of sales on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 which doesn’t even include the massive discounts that were offered through Black Friday.

Anyhow, we are expecting to get a full list of games that are going to come your way in all the rest of the weeks of the PSN Holiday Sale 2015, but keep in mind that Journey, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure and God of War 3 Remastered are only going to be on discount in the first week of the sale.

Deals for the week two and week three will come in later.

That being said, the banner in question also reveals that PlayStation users are going to get up to 75 percent discount on the games while those of you who also have a PSN subscription can get an additional five percent off. The offer, after it goes live, will expire on December 14.

Sony’s latest console, PS4 is currently looking up in terms of sales. Only about a fortnight ago it was revealed that they have managed to sell 30.2 million units since launch – sales like the one above are also a driving factor in hardware sales.

In parallel news, Sony has launched their PlayStation Messages app and removed messaging features from elsewhere. Read up about it here.

Stay tuned for more on the PSN Holiday Sale 2015.