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PlayStation 4 To Get Free Multiplayer This Weekend

With the build up to Christmas companies are using many ways to advertise games and services. One of these is on the PlayStation 4 this weekend with all players having multiplayer access.

Between December 11 and 13, Multiplayer will be available to everybody on PlayStation 4. This is usually only available to people who are subscribed to the PlayStation Plus network. This free weekend was revealed on the PlayStation blog but the focus on a certain game shows where the marketing is coming in.

With the Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku DLC becoming free to everybody the blog makes sure to remind people that they can play the game this weekend without the need for PlayStation Plus.  What is strange about using this game to advertise the weekend is strange though as users of a multiplayer game such as Star Wars Battlefront will obviously already have a PlayStation Plus subscription anyway, as its focus is all about being online.

Though this does come across as a chance to give more advertising to Star Wars battlefront, having free multiplayer for the weekend is still nice to have. I’m just not sure that there will be a rush of Battlefront players rushing to play, or making sure they have the game for the free weekend.

A more positive move may have been to offer free PlayStation Plus access over the weekend instead. This would give players the chance to not only have multiplayer access but also play the free games, to show what PlayStation Plus provides.

Are you going to take up the chance to use multiplayer with your games this weekend? Let us know your thoughts below.