Linkle Could Be In Future Zelda Games Say Nintendo

With Linkle, the ‘Female Link’ making her way to Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS it appears that she could also appear in other future Zelda games. This is according to Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma.

This was revealed in an interview with IGN where he revealed:

“I’m sure we will keep her in mind when thinking about future titles,”

He also went on to say:

“I had a chance to give feedback on Linkle during development, but the satisfying action of using a crossbow, which we developed for the spinoff title Link’s Crossbow Training, was implemented this time completely by Koei Tecmo,” Aonuma said.

“It may feel a little different from other titles in the franchise, but she doesn’t feel out of place at all in the world of the Zelda games.”

With her appearance in Hyrule Warriors Legends, and being unlockable in the Wii U version of the game she already has a place in the Zelda world, so it will be interesting to see where she will pop up next.

With her own style of combat with the use of the dual crossbows she is a character that has traits that make her stand out as a character in her own right, and not just a copy of Link. It will be interesting to see how fans will feel about this.

Hopefully the character will be accepted as a good spin-off and not just a cheap way to get another female character into the game, as this does not seem to be the intention. Though it is easy to assume that some may say that it is.

What are your thoughts on Linkle? Would you like to see her in more Zelda games? Let us know your opinion on the character below.