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Leaked Dota 2 6.86 Patch Notes Are Fake? Matthew Bailey Thinks So

Dota 2 patch 6.86 changelog got leaked earlier and it gives us a look at all changes and improvements we should expect. It is a massive changelog but here’s what’s new.

According to details:

  • Cheese – Sale value increased from 500 to 1000
  • Dust of Appearance – Now deals 25 magic damage
  • Roshan’s respawn interval increased from 8-11 minutes to 9-15 minutes
  • Windranger: Shackleshot now ends if one of the units becomes unshackled or dies, or the tree is destroyed. Shackleshot cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds
  • Tusk: Ice Shards no longer provide any vision. Snowball speed reduced from 675 to 500/550/600/650. Walrus Kick damage changed from 200 to a 275% critical strike.
  • Crystal Maiden: Arcane Aura mana regen increased from 1/1.5/2/2.5 to 1/1.75/2.5/3.25[?]. Self mana regen increased to 2/3.5/5/6.5. Arcane Aura now increases Crystal Maiden intelligence by 3/5/7/9.
  • Mirana: Moonlight Shadow duration is doubled when cast at night. Moonlight Shadow now applies to illusions. Added Aghanim’s Scepter: Permanently increases Mirana’s night vision to 1800 and increases her allies night vision to 1400 if it is lower than that during Moonlight Shadow

These were some of the notable points from the full changelog, but since it isn’t an official source, we won’t be discussing all the details. We can’t yet determine if this leaked changelog is fake or real, but to many it seems legit.

However, Matthew Bailey (aka Cyborgmatt, “Retired Master Patch Eviscerator”) doesn’t agree with such people. He thinks that the patch notes are fake, fan-made. Here’s why:

He sounds pretty certain that these patch notes are fake. Valve is yet to comment and it is unlikely that it will, so for now we will file these patch notes under rumor.