Final Fantasy VI Coming to PC Through Steam

With the excitement building around the Final Fantasy VII remake it comes as no surprise that other games in the series will be getting releases too. While it may not be getting the update the seventh game is getting, Final Fantasy VI is coming to Steam on the PC.

Square Enix revealed today that Final Fantasy VI will be coming to Steam on December 16. Recounting the epic journey of Terra Branford, a powerful woman with a mysterious past. Innovations listed for the game include the ability to play all of the main character as the game’s protagonist in an epic story that intertwined each of their fates.

As you can see in the trailer above, this isn’t a remake of the game, but has been made to work on the PC. Though the press release for the release does state:

“FINAL FANTASY VI for PC will feature graphics previously recreated by veteran character designer Kazuko Shibuya, as well as updated controls and optimised active-time battle system for fluid PC combat.”

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise will no doubt be interested in this release but those looking for an introduction to the new version of Final Fantasy VII may be a little disappointed. Though we can expect the remake to feature the same story of the original Final Fantasy VII, there are many changes to it including a move away from the turn based battle system.

It is obvious that this release is one for the fans, and will be welcome. Priced at £10.99/€14.49 it is a purchase that won’t hurt the wallet too much. Also for those who enjoy collecting the Steam achievements and Trading Cards, this game comes with added support for them.

Are you going to buy Final Fantasy VI on PC? Let us know your thoughts on the release below.