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The Division Beta is Delayed till Early 2016, Xbox One will Get Closed Alpha This Week

If there is one thing that we can rely on when it comes to The Division it is that there will be delays. Today Ubisoft announced that the Beta for the game is going to be delayed, but an Alpha version is coming to Xbox One.

Ubisoft made the announcement for the delay on their blog. Although The Division Beta was planned as a December release, it will now take place in early 2016 instead. People who have pre-ordered the game on Xbox One will get access to a closed Xbox One alpha test which will take place between December 9 to 12.

After the announcement, Ubisoft also included an FAQ for The Division Alpha to reveal a few details:

  • The Alpha will take plac between December 4 AM EST and will end December 3AM EST. Comes will be sent out on December 7 through email.
  • An NDA will be in effect so streaming, sharing of clips and posting of images will not be allowed. The alpha must only be discussed in the official alpha forum.
  • The Alpha will be available everywhere but for Japan and China.
  • The file size for the Alpha will be 23.2 GB.
  • The official release date for The Division will be March 8, 2016 and that will be on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

With the cancellation of the Beta and the closed Alpha being for Xbox One players only, this will no doubt annoy some fans who would prefer it on the PC or PlayStation 4. With the Beta coming “early 2016” though we shouldn’t have too long to wait for it to reach the Beta phase.

Are you disappointed that the Beta Phase has been delayed for The Division? Let us know your thoughts below.