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Star Wars Battlefront Could Get a Single Player Mode

The lack of content in Star Wars Battlefront has been heavily criticized. Although the multiplayer is good, but a very limited number of maps and modes make you question whether it is worth $60? On top of that, having a $50 season pass is just salt on your wounds.

A single player mode could have been a great addition to the game, but EA DICE decided to make the title multiplayer only and charge full price. Not their finest moment I have to say.

Now, it looks like EA is interested in bringing a single player mode to Star Wars Battlefront. According to EA COO Peter Moore:

Let’s be clear though. There are a lot of single player opportunities within the game. It’s lacking a campaign mode in the eyes of gamers, but it’s got co-op, couch play…it’s not a purely multiplayer game. There is more content coming to this game, which will deepen the content.

Moore added:

The decision by the DICE team was made not to put single-player in, but to focus on multiplayer. This isn’t to say that decision for future games are locked in stone, we’ll determine what that team does as the development team gets further down that process.

We would love to see Star Wars Battlefront getting single-player campaign. It was a missed opportunity to make this title an epic installment in the series. But, I guess EA realizes its mistake and may very well add a story mode with future updates.

For now, all we have are a handful of multiplayer modes and maps for multiplayer.

Star Wars Battlefront is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.