Neil Druckmann Addresses Uncharted 4’s Controversy Over Nadine Cross Character

With the reveal of new character Nadine Ross, the fact that the black South African character was voiced by white voice actor Laura Bailey was bound to cause some controversy. Naughty Dog explained the decisions about the character as the PlayStation Experience event this weekend.

In the video above you can see Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end discuss just why Laura Bailey was cast. He also cited the fact that NeoGaf was one of the places where the character’s colour had been discussed. The simple answer to the issue is that Laura Bailey had been hired before the character’s appearance had been decided.

“When we cast this character we had no final look for the character,” Druckmann said. “We brought into audition black actors, white actors, American actors, actors from South Africa…Laura walks in and just kills it. There [was] no question in our mind, that’s Nadine.”

After reviewing in-game footage of the character with Bailey’s voice in place the decision was final:

“We can’t change anything,” Druckmann said. “This is who the character is.”

He also pointed out that a black actor had also been cast in the game as a white character. Though this character will be revealed at a later time.

“That to me is what’s so awesome about this medium… Your outward appearance doesn’t matter at all,” commented Druckmann.

Laura Bailey is a very talented voice actress who gamers will have recently heard in games such as Halo 5: Guardians, Tales from the Borderlands, Dragon Age: Inquisition to name such a few so is more than qualified for Uncharted 4. The debate over her character Nadine Cross though is probably going to rage on, at least till the game’s release.

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