Minecraft Wii U Edition Details Revealed by Mojang

Earlier today Nintendo UK confirmed that Minecraft is finally coming to the Wii U. Now Mojang have also confirmed it, revealing some details such as the price.

Mojang made the announcement on their site and as we know the game will be available to download through the eStore. The price for the game, which is coming December 17 will be $29.99 and will feature six of the most popular add-on packs. There will also be a Festive mash-up to celebrate the holidays.

With the Wii U Edition of Minecraft, Mojang also confirmed that there will be plenty of content packs coming to the popular block building game. This will include free updates as well. While DLC will cost gamers money, Mojang reminded us that all packs are optional and we don’t have to buy them if we don’t want to.

Included with the Wii U Edition will be the ability to have “off-TV play” meaning that you’ll be able to use the Gamepad to play the game. This will come as no surprise to Wii U owners who will have expected this to be the case anyway. It will be interesting though to see if the Gamepad’s functionality is used in different ways as a separate second screen experience.

Mojang are promising to reveal more closer to the release, but with it only being weeks away I’m sure there are many Minecraft fans looking forward to this release. For people who have played it on other platforms though, they may stick to those instead of picking up the Wii U version. Even if this is the case, it’s about time the Wii U got its own version.

Are you happy that Minecraft has finally come to the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts on the release below.