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Minecraft Wii U Announced, Coming to Nintendo eShop Later this Month

Finally, Nintendo’s machine is getting Minecraft later this month. Nintendo UK announced that Minecraft Wii U Edition is hitting the eShop on December 17.

Minecraft is available practically on every platform, be it; PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and mobile devices. The game is everywhere.

However, until now Nintendo fans were missing out as there was no word regarding the game’s arrival on Wii U or 3DS. All hope was lost when Microsoft bought Mojang and along wit it, Minecraft.

The deal was finalized late last year for $2.5 billion dollars. Mojang team joined Microsoft Studios, responsible for Forza and Halo more.

The Mojang team will join Microsoft Studios, which includes the studios behind global blockbuster franchises “Halo,” “Forza,” “Fable” and more. Microsoft’s investments in cloud and mobile technologies will enable “Minecraft” players to benefit from richer and faster worlds, more powerful development tools, and more opportunities to connect across the “Minecraft” community.

At the time it was beleived that Microsoft will cut support for Minecraft on other platforms such as PlayStation, but thankfully, that isn’t the case.

Nintendo earlier teased a big announcement for today, which we now know is Minecraft Wii U Edition. It is big news, but since Nintendo is ready to reveal NX next year, wouldn’t have been better to announce it for NX next year?

Nintendo will reveal its next gaming platform, codename NX, presumably at E3 2016. After Wii U failed to be a dominant force in the market, Nintendo is putting all of its hope in NX.

The key element for NX is going to be developer support and this announcement today is an indication that NX may not suffer the same faith as Wii U.

Microsoft bringing its game to a Nintendo platform shows that the company is interested in collaborating with the Japanese giant.

Will you be picking up Minecraft Wii U Edition?