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Fallout 4’s First Patch Heading to PC Today, But Causes Issues with Mods

With a few Fallout 4 Beta updates on the PC already, it comes as no surprise that the platform would be the first to get the official update. This will include all of the updates that were featured in the Beta versions.

Based on an update posted on Steam, here are the patch notes that will bring the game up to version 1.2:

New Features

  • Number pad keys can now be used for remapping (PC)
  • Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container (PC)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Optimizations to skinned decal rendering
  • Fixed issue with player becoming stuck in terminals
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with “When Freedom Calls” where the quest would not complete
  • During “Confidence Man” fixed issue where player’s health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly (PC)

Players who are using mods in the game though should be aware that the update may stop them from working. The good news is though that this appears to be fixed for some mods at least. It appears that some may need to be updated to work with the new patch.

As Bethesda has shown full support for the modding of the game, this is something that they really should have been aware of. With support for the mods not officially implemented yet, maybe getting the patch out is the main priority.

Once this patch is released on PC and stable, it shouldn’t be long until the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get the update too.

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Are these updates fixing anything that’s caused you issues in the game? Let us know your thoughts below.