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Bethesda Has Big Plans for Future Projects After Fallout 4

Now that Fallout 4 has been released fans want to know what to expect next from Bethesda. Todd Howard appears to have some big plans, though the first plan is to have a break.

In a recent interview with Wired, the Game Director and Executive Producer for Fallout 4 talked about his career, and also the latest game to come out of the company. What will interest the fans the most is what plans he has for the future. When Wired asked him if he would ever design a small game, he had this to say:

“The timing of your question, because we just wrapped up Fallout 4, I definitely need a break,” he responds. “But that’s normal. And after that, I just see so many things that we could do. I like to make big games, the team likes to make big games. We have lots of ideas. We plan on taking a break and coming back and finding out where those ideas take us.”

“But no—we definitely don’t plan on making small things.”

To fans of Fallout 4 and the previous games from the company this will come as no surprise. Many will have hope for the next Elder Scrolls game, or even the continuation of Fallout, but for now we’ll have to wait to see what they are planning next. Whatever it is, it will surely be already in development, or in the design stages at least. With the amount of time we had to wait for a Fallout 4 announcement though I’m sure Todd Howard and the rest of Bethesda won’t be rushing to reveal all just yet.

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