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What Do Developers Think of Konami Banning Kojima From The Game Awards?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, one of this year’s most successful titles, won the Best Action Adventure Game and Best Score or Soundtrack award at The Game Awards 2015.

Star Kiefer Sunderland (Voice of Big Boss) received the awards on behalf of Hideo Kojima, the creator of this iconic franchise. If you’re wondering why Kojima wasn’t there to receive his award, the answer will not only surprised but will make you feel truly sad for Kojima.

The man who created this franchise, brought in millions of dollars for Konami, wasn’t allowed to attend The Game Awards by the same company he worked for.

Yes, Konami’s lawyers banned Kojima from receiving an award for his own game.

Naturally, fans were outraged and came after Konami will every verbal abuse they had. However, how does the industry react to it? What do developers think of this?

Below you can see reactions and opinions shared by some known personalities for our gaming industry:

The only thing I want to ask Konami, is why? Why you felt the need to stop Kojima from attending a ceremony? This shows that Kojima and Konami execs have personal issues rather than professional.