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Next Xenoblade Chronicles Game will be a Typical JRPG in New Genre

Xenoblade Chronicles X diverged from the conventional style of Japanese Role Playing games, and that is something the developers did intentionally. However, will this continue in the future? Or will the developers roll back to the traditional JRPG settings with the next Xenoblade game?

The senior director and chief creative officer at Monolith Soft, Tatsuya Takahashi has ample information for you to figure out what to expect from the next game in the Xenoblade series.

He said that the game’s vast Planet Mira and being unhooked from the story oriented style of the series was what set it apart, however, they might return to the roots:

I’ve heard that some Japanese users who played Xenoblade Chronicles X said they enjoyed a more story-driven type of game. So if we have the opportunity to make another game in the series, I’d like to made another typical JRPG-style game like Xenoblade Chronicles again.

Similarly, stating that every game before this one has experimented with the genres, he gave the example of the last game being fantasy based and this one being a science fiction, and said:

I hope we will be able to continue the series like this, exploring lots of different settings, rather than being confined to a specific genre.

In my opinion this is good because it brings in variety while managing to hang on to the soul of the experience that the franchise has also carried forward with Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Source: GameReactor.