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Gigantic from Motiga Delayed to 2016 for Xbox One, PC Both

I’d be much richer if I’d got a coin for every time a game was delayed in the past year or so. Adding another too the ever increasing list of delayed titles is Motiga. The studio has delayed their Xbox One, PC title Gigantic due to financial crisis.

The company chief executive officer, Chris Chung cites two things that led to the decision. Firstly, he says that the game received a lot of feedback which deserves attention it will only get if they have a couple of months more.

As we reflect on the things we must accomplish to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves, it is clear that we need to move the launch window for Gigantic into 2016.

Secondly, Chung says that Motiga is a pre-revenue startup which means that their finances and overall resources are always going to be limited in number. Which is why the stretch goals have made them lay off some employees.

Stretching Gigantic development milestones over more time requires that we stretch those resources in the same fashion. As a result, today Motiga has had to lay off 16 employees at the studio. All impacted employees are receiving severances and job placement assistance.

While that is all for now, they will be sharing more details on the development roadmap for Gigantic. Expect release date window soon.