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Battlefield 4 Holiday Update Might Have Been Delayed

The Battlefield 4 Holiday Update was expected to hit the stores pretty soon but it seems the release of the update might have been delayed by the developers.

While this has not come from any of the official sources, it has been reported that the update version for at least one of the platforms might not have been submitted for certification.

This is surprising since about two weeks ago the developers were saying that the Battlefield 4 Holiday Update was ready and that it had entered certification. Normally it takes a couple of weeks for the process to complete and in light of that everyone was hoping to get the release in a few days from now.

However, if the rumor turns out to be true, and DICE has really not submitted a version for certification, it might mean that the update will be delayed for as long as the certification process is going to take.

This is so because it has been a sort of convention at DICE to release all updates together for all platforms.

That is all we have for you in relation to Battlefield 4 Holiday Update, but stay tuned as well will be updating you as soon as it gets a release date from the developers.