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Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Multiplayer Beta Impressions, A Good Experience

With the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer Beta we finally get to play the game using the engine for Naughty Dog’s latest game. After a few hours of carnage, I’ve been able to pull a few thoughts together as to what I think of it so far.

In terms of access to the multiplayer content we only have two maps, but these will be recognisable to anybody who has played Uncharted before. We have a jungle map taking place in a temple ruins, and a city one that gives us a feel for urban combat. The city map also looks to be part of the one we’ve seen in the trailers for Uncharted 4.

On initially going into the Beta you are given a short introduction section which gets you used to the controls as well as introducing the new grappling hook combination. This tool becomes one of the most useful means of travel around the map and is easy to use. You also get a feel for the mystical relic that you’ll be able to use in the game.

Once you decide to enter matchmaking to actually get into the main game you may be in for a long wait. I found that the wait wasn’t too bad, and to Naughty Dog’s credit they were continually updating the server to try and improve issues in this area. Once players were found you are then put into two separate teams for a Team Deathmatch. This for now is the only match option available.

On player selection you have six types of Loadout – Assault, Support, Charger, Tactical, Recon, Close Range. These types decide which Loadout you’ll receive for the game. I found the best options for me where Assault or Tactical. You then select your character from Uncharted’s cast and then enter the game.

On your first go at Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer, unless you’ve played Uncharted before you may struggle with the controls. There is a feel that you are pushed into the deep end here, but thankfully everything is fairly intuitive. In no time you’ll be building up the kills and having fun. It is also impressive how the game pushes the team building aspect as you fight to recover downed comrades and find where your enemy has chosen to attack from.

One thing that may bug people who aren’t a fan of games that use third-person perspective is the fact that it is too easy to be sneaked up on. It also takes some time to get used to the aiming system on the game. Most first person shooter fans will find this particularly annoying. As Uncharted 4 like the previous games is based on a cover system, the best technique is to run, find cover then attack your opponents. Never get stuck in the open or you’ll be asking for trouble.

In terms of graphics the game looks good and runs at a good speed. With no slow down you are able to enjoy the action rather than having to fight any lag in the game. The sound also works well as you are able to decipher where the battle is ranging on the map and head that way. Thankfully at no time do you feel like you’ve been pulled out of the experience by a shoddily put together game.

Right now we do have to remember that this is a Beta version of Uncharted 4, but based on what has been provided it is a good sign for things to come. While the characters aren’t exactly as fleshed out as you would hope, and it may not feel like an “Uncharted” game, the multiplayer is fun to play and while there may be a few niggles it lives up to what it is designed to do. As we’ve got more than a week’s access to the game, I’m sure there will be plenty of more fun to be had.