Trauma Team Medical Simulator is on Wii U eShop Now

Atlus’ medical simulator, Trauma Team, was originally released to the Wii back in 2010. It got a Wii U version earlier this year too, but that was only for the Japanese region. Now, however, Nintendo has also extended the game to North American region.

As of yesterday i.e. December 3, 2015, the game is also available for all Nintendo Wii U users in the US through the Nintendo eShop.

The game is the fifth installment in the famous franchise as well as the latest Wii game to be brought to Wii U in a series of releases.

In Trauma Team you get to choose between six medical professional and get scored on the basis of your accuracy and safety while performing medical procedures on the patients. However, if you are not acquainted with what the game has to offer, here’s what Nintendo is saying:

Carefully review patient cases and decide on the best course for treatment as you assume the role of six different medical professionals. With steady hands on the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™, make precise and quick decisions to keep your patient’s vitals stable and save the day!

Moreover, the Wii U eShop version of Trauma Team also brings some new features, one of those is the off-TV play.

Check back later for more on this.