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Steam Games Can Now Be Permanently Removed from Accounts

One of the complaints that Steam users have had for a long time is the clutter they themselves make on their account and the fact that they cannot do much about the way their game library looks. This was because Valve Corporation did not include a permanent delete feature for games you buy.

I say was because it looks like the feature has silently been added to the digital distribution platform.

This came up through reports that are circulating online. In the screenshot below, it looks like the user has asked the platform to delete Rocket League Chaos Run DLC Pack permanently from his / her account.

As you can see, Steam is also prompting the person to “carefully review the list of products you will no longer own.”

This option apparently comes up when the user chooses “I want to permanently remove this game from my account.”


It is a fact that most of the Steam users buy a lot of junk that they don’t really use; there always are some items that are just sprawling all over the place. Also, there could be some games you regret buying and others that you have played more than you wanted.

This feature is definitely welcome in all those cases.