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Rocket League Devs: Xbox One Doesn’t Allow Cross-Platform Play in General

It was revealed only a couple of hours ago that the PlayStation exclusive Rocket League is going to get an Xbox One release too. The news came out of The Game Awards 2015.

Since the game is purely based on going up against your friends on a pitch, the first thing that came to mind immediately after this was cross-platform play because, well, we all have a few friends who hate our choice of consoles just as much as we hate theirs.

Anyhow, people got interested and asked the developers on the official Twitter account of the game to provide a confirmation whether the Xbox One and PS4 version will be able to go cross-plat. Sadly, that is not the case.

The developers not only said that there will be no cross-platform play functionality for the Xbox One version of Rocket League but went on to say that the Xbox One did not allow cross-platform play with other consoles as a general policy.

Here’s the entire tweet:

The Xbox platform doesn’t allow for crossplay matchmaking between other systems as a general practice across all titles.

While it is a fact that Fable Legends is an example where you have got cross-platform play, but that was between Xbox One and PC.

We will be looking into this, but for now it is clear that Rocket League is not going to let you take on your PS4 using friends using your Xbox One – or vice versa.