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League of Legends Might Get Game Reset Option Soon!

If you have played MMOs, you would agree that it sucks to play match with a player short; and with the everlasting disconnections that we get every once in a while from someone in our team, things get annoying. League of Legends players know it too well.

However, Riot might be helping you out with such scenarios come 2016. Jeffrey Lin aka Lyte, the Lead Game Designer of Social Systems is pretty active on and a number of fans take up queries over there.

Recently, someone inquired him about “an automatic loss forgive mechanic” for the matches in case a player faces complete or partial disconnection from the servers. In his reply, Lin revealed more than we asked for. He said that they were looking into a game reset option for League of Legends too:

We have a few changes we’d like to make to the Surrender System in 2016, including a mechanic that allows players to reset the game with no penalties (except for the player that DC’d) if a player fails to connect to the match.

As this is the first time we are hearing of it, more will be shared after new years.

Don’t you think it will be a sigh of relief for everyone who has to face the consequences if one of their teammates gets disconnected?