Konami Blocks Hideo Kojima from Attending The Game Awards 2015

As we revealed earlier in the week Geoff Keighley was trying his best to get Hideo Kojima to attend the Game Awards 2015. Tonight we found out that the games icon would not be at the event, we didn’t expect Keighley to give the details he did though.

Here is the statement that Keighley announced at the event:

“Mr. Kojima had every intention of being with us tonight, but unfortunately he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami just recently that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight’s award ceremony to accept any awards,” Keighley said. “He’s still under an employment contract and it’s disappointing.”

As you can see in the video above he is obviously annoyed with the situation and made his thoughts clear in paying tribute to Kojima. The reaction not only at the event, but also on major games sites shows what people thought of this announcement.

As we know, Konami have stated that Kojima is still under their employment and is on a holiday. The fact that they got lawyers involved to actually block his appearance at the show reignites the drama surrounding Hideo Kojima’s situation with the company.

Whether he is still employed with the company or not, this was not a good public relations move for the company, no matter how much they celebrate their wins at the event. This drama between Kojima and Konami appears to not have ended, if anything it may have just intensified with these new actions.

What are your thoughts on Konami’s actions tonight? Let us know your thoughts below.