Here’s a Fan Made Fallout 4 Automatic Character Builder For You

The whole character progression system of Fallout 4 is pretty intricately designed and it for everything as extensive as this, a helping hand is always welcome.

For this reason alone, a fan has made an automatic character builder to help you figure out what you will need to do in order to get your hands on your desired perks. It takes everything into account from each of the ten perks given by all the SPECIAL attributes as well as your personal priorities.

The guy who has made the Fallout 4 automatic character builder is still working on it and says that he will be making some more additions to it in the future. He has even shared some of the ideas which are:

  • Tool tips to see all the ranks
  • Selecting cutoffs for max ranks
  • Adding your current build so you can start from where you are at
  • Some way to export your build
  • Possibly having a priority on the ranks of the perks themselves.
  • Optimizing/altering how the levels get generated

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You can check out how the Fallout 4 automatic character builder works by hitting this link right here. Just choose the perks that you want, adjust the priorities and hit “calculate” to see the results.