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Destiny to Get a Harder Challenge with an Update at Golgoroth Next Week

When it comes to Destiny, experienced players are finding the game easy lately. This is why Bungie are always looking to make it more of a challenge.

Maybe it’s with people being able to “solo” the current boss of the game that has made Bungie want to ramp up the challenge, and they’ve done that with the harder Raids. Though players are even looking on taking those now to make them look easy.

In the latest update on the game a cryptic message has been left by DeeJ to let players know that there is another challenge to come:

“For those wondering if the challenge will ramp up at Golgoroth, let us know what you think next week.”

We’ll have to wait and see what this means next week, and what effect this will have on the game. I’m sure there are plenty Guardians out there ready to take on whatever is thrown at them.

Along with this cryptic message it was also announced that Update 2.1.0 will be coming soon, with the patch notes being made available next week. The post also looked at what it takes to earn the Worm God’s Servant emblem and the top-tier loot that comes with it.

To win this you have to slay the Warpriest in the King’s Fall Raid but only under some specific circumstances. By not revealing what these circumstances are though makes the challenge that much more enticing for players.

Have you managed to gain the Worm God’s Servant emblem yet? Let us know your thoughts below.