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Destiny Players are Having Problems with Xur This Week, Read the Workaround Here

If you are a fan of Destiny, you’ll know that Friday means that Xur will be selling his exotic items to the people who can find him. Today though, it appears that he may be trapped on the other side of a closed door.

If you’ve been looking for Xur only to find him behind a locked door with no way to open it then don’t worry. Bungie appear to be aware of these problems, and a moderator on the forums has provided a simple workaround for the problem:

“Returning to Orbit, waiting a few minutes and returning back into the Reef several times and/or closing and restarting Destiny seems to work around the issue with Xûr’s door closed.

Please follow this instruction to resolve the issue. If it does not work, please try it again at a later time, like waiting half an hour, play a Strike inbetween.”

It appears from the responses on the forum that this workaround fixes the problem and people are now able to get through the door in the Reef to get to Xur and see what he is selling. Hopefully problems like this won’t be a reoccurring problem. I’m sure that Bungie will do what they can to make sure it isn’t.

Being unable to get to Xur today will have obviously been a worry for some of the players eager to buy some of his exotics. With this being the chance to get some rare items, to have a closed door where he is meant to be is obviously not going to be a welcome discovery. So I’m sure players are glad to see that the problem can easily be fixed.

UPDATE – Xur has now been moved to the tower to make finding him easier:

Did you encounter this problem when searching for Xur in the Reef? Let us know your thoughts on the issue below.