Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Footage Released Just Before PSX

The PlayStation Experience will be taking place in San Francisco this weekend, and with Dark Souls 3 being on the list of playable games its perfect time to release some new gameplay footage. If you can deal with some spoilers, prepare to be excited about the game.

I’ll put the spoiler warning here as there are a few surprises in this footage that you may want to experience yourself. If you don’t mind seeing something new, then read on and also watch the trailer. You have been warned.

The new gameplay footage released for the PlayStation Experience is impressive, especially with the level of combat on show. With a character that is reminiscent of one of the first real bosses in Dark Souls 2, but on a more complex scale it appears to be a tree like creature with something even more sinister hidden inside. If you are a fan of Dark Souls, this will probably make you want to play the game right now.

While the game may be playable at the PlayStation Experience, be aware that this does not confirm that this new area will be available to try out. This footage is obviously to tease us what is to come next year and is a challenge that probably comes later in the game. Knowing how From Software design Dark Souls though, this type of opponent could feature around any corner just waiting to show how weak you are.

Even as a casual fan of Dark Souls this gameplay footage has me excited for the game, and looking forward to giving it a try. Though I get the feeling that I will be dying many times while trying to defeat whatever this creature is.

Are you impressed by the new Dark Souls 3 footage? Let us know your thoughts below.