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“Xbox One is Just Another Windows Computer,” Microsoft Admits

Xbox One’s architecture is pretty similar to PC and now that it runs a modified Windows 10, there isn’t much of a difference left in a Windows PC and Xbox One; and Microsoft realizes this.

In a statement shared by CEO Satya Nadella, he admitted that “Xbox One is just another Windows Computer,” not that it’s a bad thing, it’ll actually be great to bring both platforms together as it may promote cross platform play (I can donate my Kidney for that feature.)

What’s interesting is Microsoft’s messaging, they say while both Xbox and PC are coming closer, Xbox will always be a dedicated gaming system. So I guess Nadella may be speaking from a different perspective, but we’ll need a clearer statement from him to see where Nadella stands in this debate.

One of Microsoft’s goals with Windows have always been to bring Windows PC to the living room. They tried and failed and now it looks like they are using the Xbox One to penetrate your living room.

This time, they may actually succeed thanks to the same interchangeable OS they are using across all platforms. From mobile devices to Windows PC, the latest OS is everywhere.

Windows 10 released earlier this year and was free for users with legitimate and illegitimate copies of previous versions of Windows. By Providing everyone with a free copy Microsoft has given Windows solid ground to stand on, making sure it doesn’t blow up like Vista or 8.

Lets see what MS does next with Windows 10 and Xbox.