Xbox One Can No Longer Catch Up to the PlayStation 4, States Pachter

In the latest Pachter Factor the electronics research analyst has given his views on the fight between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In a statement that will come as no surprise to anybody, Michael Pachter has revealed his belief that the Xbox One will never close the gap with the PlayStation 4.

This comment came in the latest Pachter Factor and was in answer to a question raised by an user:

“At this point what can Microsoft do, if anything, to close the gap between the Xbox One and PS4?”

The answer that Pachter gave to this was simply “Nothing” and I think it is safe to assume that this is what most people believe too at this point. This does not mean that the Xbox One is a failure though, far from it. It is just that the PlayStation 4 is too far ahead at this point.

To provide some proof to back up his statement, Pachter used the PlayStation 2 as an example. As Sony’s bestselling console it sold 170 million units, compared to the Xbox 360’s 80 million in its lifetime. He also stated:

“We should start every console cycle assuming Sony’s going to outsell Microsoft 2 to 1, because they have twice as many people who know what their console is and like.”

Even though Xbox One may have lost the so called console war, he did reveal that it is still having some success, saying “As long as they make a profit and they sell a lot of boxes, they win.”

What are your thoughts on the competition between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is it over already? Let us know your thoughts below.