Watch Oryx Get Taken Down by a Solo Player in Destiny: The Taken King

While Destiny is meant to be more of a social game where you build up a team of Guardians to take part in Raids, sometimes people want to go solo. This is what one player has done, and luckily we have a video to see their strategy.

In the video posted on YouTube by user The Great Gatsby (Destiny name TheGrreatGatsby) he takes on Oryx, who is the final boss of the game (as it stands now). In the description of the video he also revealed his strategy and the players who gave him inspiration in finding out how to solo Oryx:

“Motivating me throughout the whole 50+ hours I spent on this: Zero132132, Textbook_1987 (/u/3nippledman), Graev1, etc

Figuring out how to stun Oryx with sleeper: me (TheGrreatGatsby)

Figuring out how to lure ogres: ADeathCard

Figuring out that damaging Knights during aerial bombs phase gives you super energy:sc_slayerage, CommanderCuesta, ADeathCard

Figuring out how to cheese shade: ????

Figuring out having to kill shade instead of cheese: Me and Textbook_1987

Finally beating it, hopefully taking a large burden off a lot of people who sunk just as much time and effort into this as I did. Thank you for watching! Who knows whats next? Solo Oryx Hard maybe??”

So while this may have been a solo battle against The Taken King’s Raid, the strategy for it was still devised by many “Guardians” that have taken on the boss. Still, for people who like to play these types of multiplayer games as if it was a solo player (like me) this is an interesting video that shows just what is possible.

Are you impressed with the tactics used by this player? Let us know your thoughts on the video below.