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The Game Awards 2015 Marred by Gender Imbalance?

The heads of Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, famous personalities like Mark Hamill, Kiefer Sunderland and a ton of known publishers and developers are all going to attend The Game Awards 2015 in a couple of hours.

However, there are a number of people who have decided not to do so along side others who even decided to get their name removed from the jury panel of the awards.

This is a big surprise of course, specially since all of them have done so on the basis of the same reason i.e. the existence of a gender imbalance among the jury panel.

There are to be a total of 30 international media personalities who sit and judge the games at The Game Awards 2015, and there also is an advisory board consisting largely of game developers like Hideo Kojima, Reggie Files-Aime and others. Interestingly, the jury panel only had one female as compared to 29 males, which was raised to two last month.

That additional female representative was also added by Polygon after the issue came into light recently. A number of people have complained to this for instance games editor at Guardian, Keith Stuart, who tweeted recently:

Just so people know, I have asked to be removed from the judging of this year’s Game Awards. 32 judges, 1 woman. I can’t endorse that.

Another example would be Kill Screen Magazine who pulled out of The Game Awards jury panel entirely after their request of rearranging the make up to represent a 50-50 gender split was denied.

As it stands right now, The Game Awards 2015 will be judged by 28 males and two females. Although it is important to ensure that only the suitable people are chosen to do such a job, one cannot simply say that the ratio of good female to male critics in the gaming industry in general is 2:28.