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The French Ministry of Sport Don’t See eSports as a Sport

In the fight for eSports to officially be seen as a sport, it appears that in France at least the answer is no, it’s not. That is what the Ministry of Sport are believed to have said at least.

Based on a video posted by Rémy “Llewellys” Chanson, director of eSports at Webedia it appears that a meeting with the Ministry of Sport did not go well. In fact he says “Today, the position of the Ministry of sport is that eSports is very, very far from being a sport”.

This is being reported by eSportsObserver who also translated the video which is in French. If this is true and the ministry do in fact say that it is not a sport, it will be a setback for article 38 which looked to make changes to the law to dissociate eSports with gambling in French Law.

A problem with classifying eSports as an actual sport though is that it would mean that the Ministry of Sport would also have to start to promote eSports. This is questionable, eSportsObserver state as it would mean that they could be seen as encouraging children to play video games. Though the article also states that the Ministry of Sports does see the similarities that eSports does have with sport.

If the French Ministry of Sport do take a negative view on eSports then this will be not be good news, and is a hurdle that will have to be passed if article 38 will be able to be passed. Until the ministry accept state that eSports is a sport, then everything will be still up in the air.

Do you consider eSports to be a Sport? Let us know your thoughts on the issue below.