Star Wars Battlefront: EA Surprised GameStop Thinks it Under-Performed

Although it is a fact that some of us had higher expectations from Star Wars Battlefront as compared to what the game came with, however, EA thinks they are financially good. They have responded to a negative remark that was passed by retailing giant GameStop.

Recently, Tony Bartel of GameStop had said in an investor meetup that they “had high expectations that diminished somewhat as it got closer and it failed to hit those lowered expectations.”

In response to this, the COO of EA, Peter Moore came up with a response.

Reassuring that the game is definitely going to hit thee promised 13 million sales mark, Moore said that ELectronic Arts got a “little bit of a surprise, particularly as the CFO in the call then started to correct [Bartel] as the call went on.” He went on to say:

There is no weakness that is perceptible yet in the title and I want everybody to understand that based on where we think this title is – and based on the marketing beats ahead of us, in particular, the movie launch over the next two weeks – we feel very comfortable we’re going to hit the guidance that we’ve given analysts, investors and Wall Street alike.

From where we see it both the retailer and EA are actually weighing Star Wars Battlefront in terms of money it has generated or will generate. However, readers should keep in mind that behind a game being considered a success, there can be bigger metrics than just the number of units it sold.