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Report: Batman Arkham Knight Behaving Oddly on Xbox One, Digital Version Missing

Something has gone wrong with Batman Arkham Knight on Xbox One. Reports are coming in regarding the game behaving weirdly on the console.

Apparently, the game is missing from the “Read to Install” section and when you look for it manually on the Xbox Store, next to Batman Arkham Knight you can read “View Gamehub.” Meanwhile, all other purchased games say “install.”

On the other hand, another report claims that the disk version is also having issues.

I have the disc version of the game, and yesterday I tried to open up Arkham Knight from the home screen. The disc was already in the Xbox from the day before, and it said that it couldn’t find the disc. I left it alone and about 20 seconds later it opened up. Weird behavior even with the disc, too.

From the looks of it, the issue isn’t widespread and should be fixed soon. If you’re having similar problems, let us know in the comments below.

Rocksteady is yet to acknowledge this problem but we are trying to reach the developer for a comment.