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Physical Release of Pokémon Rumble World Removes Microtransactions

While Free-to-play games can thrive on the payments they get from players, sometimes they are unpopular. Pokémon Rumble World for the 3DS is now going to release a physical release of the game for those who don’t want to pay any microtransactions.

As reported by Eurogamer the free-to-play game will be released with the payment system removed from the game. This will mean that the player will be playing upfront for the content that the game will include.

This physical edition of the game will be released January 22. The release will include a sizable amount of Poké Diamonds (the currency for the game) with which to start their adventure. To keep this stock of diamonds topped up the player will have the Poké Diamond Digger tool that will provide an extra 40 diamonds a day. This should be enough for the players to not miss the microtransactions that the free-to-play game featured.

While the free-to-play version of the game features the microtransactions, these were completely optional. The game can be played without spending any real world money, though progress would be slower and less fun. For those not a fan of putting their hard earned cash into the game, this physical release should be perfect.

If this release is popular it will be interesting to see if Nintendo use this model in the future, or if other publishers take notice too. Maybe a few of the other free-to-play games could catch gamer interest if they were less dependent on spending real world money.

Will a physical release of Pokémon Rumble World interest you? Let us know your thoughts below.