Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima Talks About the Future of the Company

When Tatsumi Kimishima became president of Nintendo there was obviously a worry as to what changes would be made to the company’s future. In a new interview he has revealed his views on the future of the games company.

In the interview with Time he revealed that the companies views on mobile gaming have not changed:

 “Nintendo has talked for years about increasing the gaming population,” says Kimishima. “But to further that goal, we want to increase the population who has access to Nintendo’s IP first and foremost. Of course the smart device business is not a simple business, it is a highly competitive business, and so for us just to take our IP and drop it into the smart device business, in that existing red ocean, I believe would not be a very successful strategy to take.”

While he admits the Wii U has had problems, Nintendo will continue to make games for it:

“As you know within the game business momentum is key,” says Kimishima when I ask how long the Wii U will remain a core Nintendo platform. “When you have momentum, whether it’s a platform or software, sales increase. At this point in the Wii U lifespan, we’re looking at 10 million sell-through for the hardware itself, which is just about a tenth of what we sold overall for Wii.”

On the NX he revealed:

“As far as NX goes, I’ve said it’s different and obviously a new experience,” he tells me. “If you look back to the beginning of our conversation today, we talked about the transition from Wii hardware to the Wii U hardware and how difficult it is to explain to the consumer base what is different and new about the new hardware. It’s difficult to convince them to switch from their current platform to the next platform.”

From what Kimishima says it does appear that it is business as usual for the Japanese company, though they of course miss the influence of Satoru Iwata. But for now the company appears to be safe hands.

What are your thoughts on the comments of Tatsumi Kimishima, do you think he’ll make a good president for Nintendo? Let us know your thoughts below.