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Final Fantasy XV Can Be Played From Start to Finish, So What’s the Hold-Up?

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a long time, it is hard to remember just how long fans have been waiting to get their hands on this title.

However, Square Enix is taking its time and looks to be in no rush at all for releasing it. But what’s the current situation of the game’s development? Where do we stand? Will it make it to 2016?

According to Square Enix, developers are now able to play the game from start to finish, and can get an overall view of the project. This doesn’t mean that they are done, there is still a long road ahead of them.

Plenty of things still need to be sorted out, but developers say they are at a critical point in development. They are now able to get the full picture which is really important for programmers as they can maximize the appeal of their product.

Moreover, Square Enix said that the first part of the game is pretty much complete. This indicates that we may be able to finally play the game in late 2016 or early 2017.

Whenever it comes out, it will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.