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Electronic Arts’ 2016 Games Called Embarrassment of Riches by Peter Mooreemb

Electronic Arts recently held an investor’s meetup where a number of issues were addressed like GameStop’s response to Star Wars Battlefront. Alongside that, Peter Moore, the chief operating officer of the company also talked about the release line up that they are bringing us next year.

While discussing their plans for game releases next year, he said that they had an overabundance of major releases throughout the year – especially after April.

He referred to their line up as an “embarrassment of riches” which is going to get unleashed upon the millions of gamers who love a number of franchises that Electronic Arts is working on:

Well it’s a little bit of an embarrassment of riches, particularly in FY17 which commences for us on April 1st, [2016] in which we’ve got some of our core franchises: a new Battlefield coming up, a new Mass Effect title coming up. We actually kick off the year with Mirror’s Edge which we have pushed out of FY16 and into FY17 and we also have Mass Effect from our BioWare studio, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Referring to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 among other games, Moore said that due to this, they will now need to “make sure that we don’t cannibalize,” and to merchandise instead.

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