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Driveclub Update for December Detailed; Hits This Week

Evolution is taking things up another notch with a new Driveclub update that is slated for the next couple of days. Thanks to game director Paul Rustchynsky, we now know a great deal about what is going to be included in the patch.

The first tweet that he made was relating to the game’s Private Lobbies update. Regarding the feature he has confirmed the addition of “new Grid Ordering & Brake Assist settings,” alongside a new Friend Invite option.

Secondly, if you have been pissed at the game for halting your Driver Level because you weren’t able to kick ass in a given Elite Objective, your bad days are over.

Thanks to the Driveclub update for December, “Drivers & Elite Levels are now separated, so getting stuck on an Elite Objective will not halt your Driver Level progress.”

Oh and with the said update you will be able to get your hands on the sexy 1290 KTM Super Duke R Rank bike. However, in order to ride those wheels you will have to complete “10 of the KTM Owners Club Accolade.”

Last but not the least, no update is supposed to be complete without some new cars, and this one is not going to disappoint. The only problem is, the developers want to reveal the cars tomorrow and not today.

The new Driveclub update goes live this week.