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Batman v Superman Skin and Batmobile for Batman: Arkham Knight Available Free

With the release of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer today, fans already excited about the movie can now get the skin and Batmobile for free on Batman: Arkham Knight. This release is for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Recently released to season pass holders, the Batman v Superman pack is now free as it appears is the New 52 Skin Pack which features new skins for Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. The original Arkham skin from Arkham Asylum has also been made available to download too.

The Batman v Superman skin and Batmobile features the car that will be in the latest movie to feature the character, and is a redesigned model. This means we get to see the car in action before it makes its debut in the movie itself. People who have the Season Pass for Arkham Knight will have already tried it out though, and will notice that there isn’t that much difference to the way all of the other Batmobiles work in the game.

With Batman: Arkham Knight apparently up to date with the console versions it is interesting that that version apparently hasn’t received these free skin. Checking Steam this appears to be the case. As I have the season pass I already have all of the available skins to try out, so know that they are available to pass holders at least.

Fans will be happy to be getting the skins and Batmobile for free, though for the most part will still notice that the quality of the DLC for the game has been questionable. While the skins themselves do provide plenty of variety in hero costumes, the story content has been definitely lacking any extra punch.

Have you downloaded the Batman v Superman skin and Batmobile DLC? Let us know your thoughts on it below.