Microsoft HoloLens Shown Running Netflix, Xbox Streaming, Candy Crush

Microsoft HoloLens is a one of a kind augmented reality headset which stands apart from a number of other projects that are being worked on whether we are talking about the AR technology of the VR technology.

There are a bunch of things you can do with it, and just to give you an idea of a few of them, a couple of videos have been shared online. For instance, the one you see above features Xbox Streaming being done through the head mounted device because it has the ability to run universal apps.

Similarly, there is another video (first one below) which shows off Edge being used to run Netflix on Microsoft HoloLens – so that you can see the non-work related features of the gadget too.

The last one below is taking it a step further and showing off how you can take King’s Candy Crush with you if you are wearing the augmented reality device.

It is indeed expected that HoloLens is going to play a role in revolutionizing the way computing works in our world just like personal computers did decades ago.

In case you are wondering, Microsoft is taking preorders for the developer kit version of Microsoft HoloLens right now for $3000. It starts shipping next year.