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Just Cause 3 Developers Already Working on Two New Action Sandbox Games

Avalanche Studios may have just seen the launch of Just Cause 3 yesterday, but that doesn’t mean they are having a rest after all their hard work. In fact, they are already hiring for new people to work on two more sandbox action based games.

This was revealed in a Tweet by Christofer Sundberg Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios:

As you can see from the careers page the company are looking for 3D Artists, Character artists, and developers to work on the projects. With these type of developers, it can be assumed that they are looking to update the engine that games have been using. This is something that Just Cause 3 arguably needed, though the explosions were pretty.

One of the more detailed Job pages for the Senior Character Artist job reveals some interesting details on what the team will be working on. The successful candidate will be expected to:

“Create and develop realistic and believable character art for AAA video game title for PS4, Xbox1, and PC platforms.”

With these being new sandbox games it will be interesting to see if they are new IP or if one of these will be another Just Cause sequel. Hopefully if so, maybe the next game can feature a stronger story arc that will keep players more invested in the game.

Have you been enjoying Just Cause 3? Are you interested to see what these two new games could be? Let us know your thoughts below.