How to Find the Just Cause 3 Stargate Easter Egg

In a game as big as Just Cause 3 you can expect plenty of Easter eggs to be hidden waiting for discovery. One such secret has been discovered that gives you a Stargate like shortcut across the game map.

Arekkz Gaming has made a video that reveals where this Stargate can be found, and what you have to do to open it. When opened it provides a wormhole like shortcut that takes you from one side of the gaming map to the other.

This is done by pressing 4 buttons in a certain order. This order is 1,4,3,4,2,1 and was revealed on a Reddit post here. The exact map location for the shortcut is also revealed as coordinates N 40 42.283 E 5 35.197.

Once the code is entered, it should open the missile silo like entrance which can then be jumped into. This will lead to you travelling through a wormhole similar to the ones seen in Stargate. Once you reach your destination you’ll find yourself at the other end of the map. This shortcut also appears to work both ways which is lucky.

Gamers will know that the Just Cause franchise has a history of Easter eggs in the game. Just Cause 2 is famous for having the Lost secret based on the popular television show. This was found by flying in an aircraft towards a certain island, where you will be forced to land (crash). Once you make it to the island you’ll also see the hatch as seen in the show, though you can’t enter it, and unlike the show you can escape this island.

Have you found any of the other Easter eggs in Just Cause 3 yet? tell us about your discoveries below.