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Final Fantasy XV is Playable in Full, First Half Fully Polished

Good news folks, we have a new update for you on Final Fantasy XV and it is one that you will be overjoyed to hear!

Kitade Satoshi, one of the programmers working on the game took to the official forums and posted a pretty exciting update which comes bearing news that has never been heard of regarding FFXV ever.

He said that “the game can be played from beginning to the end. So everyone in the development team can play the entire game and see the big picture, and share their thoughts on the overall game.” Which means they are done with adding new features and the only thing left now is polishing!

Now, he says, they will be polishing Final Fantasy XV, adding or adjusting some details and test a few things are are half way implemented. He further added:

The first half of the game is pretty much completely polished. So we have idea of how the final game will look and feel. We have idea of how much work is needed to make the game in it’s final state.

Interestingly, this build of Final Fantasy XV is also being tested by some people as we speak.

It looks like we are finally going to get to see the final build of the game soon!